“…Like a column, a single bamboo stalk is classically simple and understated. Davis arranges these as Zen-like lines at angles as a weaving or in horizontal patterns as bars of music. He then wraps these bamboo lines with the hammered copper of his past, the colors of his travels, and the consistent fabric of his vision. The result places you in the middle of the larger tapestry of the world.”
~Pattie Porter Firestone, artist

Artist Statement

My art choices and worldviews have been inspired by travel and issues of social justice. Through travel, I seek influences, cultural centers, energies, new terrain and the power of both the spoken and unspoken. The magic of the Southwest United States, Brazil, Haiti and West Africa has penetrated my work. Southern California, home for thirty years, has also had an indelible impact and the colors and rhythms of the Pacific Rim continue to infiltrate. Social justice themes most recently addressed are “He Walked in the Light,” in homage to Julian Bond and “Targeted in the USA.”

Primarily an abstract artist, I create in a variety of media: bamboo, wood, paper, and metal. Texture, in the form of layered color and burned-patterning, is a hallmark of my work and whenever possible, I integrate LED light elements.

As a discipline, I work in series that is, I explore a range of possibilities inherent in a given theme, medium or technique before moving on to something new. Sticking with this approach has enabled me to produce distinct bodies of related works.